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Would you buy a book with no reviews from an unknown author? Probably not.

Well you are not alone. Anyone who has ever walked into a bookstore will know how overwhelming it can be to try and select just one book. The choices are seemingly endless and there’s always that question of whether our final selection will live up to expectations. We know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but all too often we do, with sometimes disappointing results.

If we are a smart shopper we look for evidence beyond the authors words, that the purchase we are contemplating will meet our expectations. Maybe this is why the FaceBook LIKE button is so popular.

At FaithWriters, we want to help you market your book. One of the most important things you can do is to obtain and post as many decent book reviews as possible for your book. The more good reviews you have, the greater the chance your book will sell.

While we do not direcly review books any longer, we can help you. The first thing we suggest, place your book in our Free Reads for Reviews program HERE. This program has the potential to garner you several reviews. While your book is in our store, it will also be placed in our site wide ads. If you take a look around FaithWriters you will see several ads for member books. These ads are exposed to the roughly 300,000 page views we receive per month from Christian readers.

Reviews are the first step in marketing and very important. We also suggest that you give away a number of your books in exchange for reader reviews. Friends and family are a great help.

Visit our book store and watch the video on how we can promote your book on FaithWriters.