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Title: Detours to Destiny
Author: Dee Cooper-Durden
Genre: Christian Living/Inspirational/Prophecy
Publisher: Holy Fire Publishing 2005
ISBN: 0-9767211-0-4
Pages: 391 pages
Reviewer: Deborah Porter

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The Christian journey is one of moving forward into God's destiny for each of our lives. As we progress along the way, we will, undoubtedly, hit a number of roadblocks and detours--all with the potential to throw us off track. Helping Christians to overcome and move around these roadblocks is the goal of Dee Cooper-Durden's mammoth book, Detours to Destiny.

Delving into her own life experience, as well as the experiences of Biblical characters and Christian men and women, the author attempts to guide the reader "from the pit, from the pen, from the cave, from the den, to the palace." Incorporated into this journey are a multitude of inspirational articles by likeminded pastors, evangelists and authors, together with prophetic messages.

Detours to Destiny is not like most other books. My feeling, as I read it, was that it was somewhat like reading a huge magazine. If approached in this way, the reader may enjoy the opportunity to delve into the various articles and prophetic messages. The last 60 or so pages are devoted to a study by Randy Garcia, "40 Days of Destiny, and the inclusion of this, alone, will increase the appeal of this collection for some readers who are looking for practical ways to step into their God-given destinies.

However, for those expecting a more structured and flowing sharing of information from the author to the reader, the potpourri format of this magazine-like book could be distracting.

For readers who are interested in a combination of Biblical, prophetic, and extra-biblical teaching, there is much in Detours to Destiny that they will enjoy delving into. However, I would have reservations in recommending Ms. Cooper-Durden's book to anyone who does not accept extra-biblical revelation. Mixed liberally with Scripture, the author regularly quotes from "The Third Testament," which is apparently a collection of writing considered by some to be the continuation of the Bible.

On several occasions, Ms. Cooper-Durden mentions that she had finished her manuscript, but then felt God prompting her to include more--particularly articles and prophecies by likeminded teachers and preachers. This "adding-on" explains the magazine-like feel of the book, its somewhat disjointed flow, and overall length.

Detours to Destiny is a labor of love and demonstration of the author's passion for God, His Word, His leading, and His plans for each of our lives.