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Title: Disappointments Transformed into Destiny
Author: Dan Woodworth
Publisher: Publish America
Copyright: 2006
ISBN: 1-4241-3601-6
Genre: Autobiography/Inspirational
Book Size: 122 pages
Reviewer: Deborah Porter

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Have you ever followed a direction you believed was part of the destiny for your life, only to end up disappointed? If you have (and most of us have probably had that experience), then you may relate well with the message shared in Dan Woodworth's first book, Disappointments Transformed into Destiny.

This is not a self-help manual or step-by-step plan to guide you through your personal disappointments. Instead, it is one man's story-beginning three months before he was conceived, through to the present day.

Fitting 55 years of life into 122 pages does, at times, leave the reader feeling a little breathless at the pace and longing for more information. However, the basic message was made very clear, over and over again, that even apparent wrong turns are all a part of God's larger plan for our lives.

I have to admit that my heart melted when I first opened the book and read the author's dedication to his precious wife, Irene. After finishing Mr. Woodworth's book, it was obvious that this talented, enterprising woman has indeed been the wind beneath his wings, and in sharing his testimony, he also gives tribute to the woman who has been a great partner and support through the darkest of valleys. So much of this book is her story too.

In the introduction to Disappointments Transformed into Destiny, Dan Woodworth wrote: "My wife and I have experienced deep disappointments in our minds, emotions, bodies, relationships and finances ... I will be transparent and share some very personal experiences to give you hope and encouragement. No matter who you are or how much pain you have had in your life, your disappointments can be transformed into destiny."

This promise of transparency was relatively well fulfilled. In fact, some aspects of Mr. Woodworth's story are almost painfully transparent, particularly when describing his one-year battle with debilitating depression.

The author concludes his story in 2005 with a new home, the successful start of his wife's interior decorating business, and his decision to become a writer. It is an inspiring finishing point, but also very revealing, in that Disappointments Transformed into Destiny is not only the author's first book, but also one of his first writing efforts. With that in mind, Mr. Woodworth should be commended on being so willing to share his story so openly. His heart to serve God and help others discover fullness of life in Christ is very obvious throughout. I'm sure that this heart to minister through the written word will increase as his experience as a writer grows.