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Title: From the Heart of a Servant
Author: C.R. Lord
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Copyright: 2007
ISBN-13: 978-1-60247-762-9
Genre: Poetry
Book Size: 154 pages
Reviewer: Deborah Porter

Available Through:

Tate Publishing

From the Heart of a Servant is very well titled. C.R. Lord, the author of this collection, gives all glory to God, even writing under a pseudonym that points the reader to Christ (see our Lord). This is a compilation of poems and articles that has been in the making for nearly four decades, and it reflects the experiences and growth in the author's life during that time.

The poetry is simple in form and well structured, covering many different aspects of Christian life--including parenthood. The variety of themes is very good, and of course, the greatest theme is praise and worship to God for all He is and all He has done. That message runs through every page of the book.

The author touches on the Body of Christ, and doesn't pull his punches. The titles of his poems Costly Doctrinal Foolishness and Lopsided Preaching are two examples of his straight talking messages to the church. His passion to stir Christians into unity and action is obvious.

In complete contrast, the heart of a father is very clearly shown in the poetry about babies and children. The poems in this section range from the very sweet It's a Privilege through to the quite humorous My Mean Parents. There are even one or two written specifically for children to enjoy. In each of these poems, the author's love for his family shines through.

The Miscellaneous section of poetry holds more than a few gems, including the very tongue-in-cheek song Lord, Please Help the Other Man.

From the Heart of a Servant concludes with a section of short articles--some quite serious and others with a touch of humor. So although the mixture of poetry and prose may not appeal to everyone, it does mean that there is something for every Christian reader in this book.

C.R. Lord begins and closes his book by sharing a little of his testimony and encouraging readers to allow God to stir them on to greater heights. It was in the telling of his own story at the start of the book that I felt the author really came to life for the reader. He shared with honesty, passion, and a dash of humor, which helped the reader to then see each poem through his eyes.

Although From the Heart of a Servant may not be the sort of book you would read in one sitting, it definitely would make a pleasing addition to a reader's daily devotional time.